Fragrance Sets

Fragrance Palette

Fragrance Palette

Your fragrance journey begins here.

Our Fragrance Palette allows you to experience our fragrances in the comfort of your homes. Build your palette by choosing four (4) 2mL vials from our Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum Collections. 

Then, use the special code the next time you purchase a full bottle to take off the price of the Fragrance Palette from your total order.


Wellness Fragrance Set

Wellness Fragrance Set


Wellness Fragrance Set

Research has shown that fragrances have significant measurable effects on mood, particularly eight major factors: irritation, stress, depression, apathy, happiness, sensuality, relaxation and stimulation.

This collection of fragrances is designed to bring comfort and solace.

The set comes with an access to a guided meditation video by Coach Asha, MSc. ATC,  to help you stay calm and inspired in the comfort of your homes. Watch the sample clip below.


Fresh notes of mandarin orange, lime and jasmine brightens the spirit like song that is hummed straight from a joyful and giving heart. 

​Ideal for morning meditation to energize your spirit and open yourself to abundance.


An enveloping warmth of amber and gardenia that leaves you with a lingering feeling of elation from fresh bergamot and white tea.

​Ideal for midday meditation to keep you inspired and productive.


Warm notes of sandalwood and patchouli recreate the feeling of a loving touch that brings forth comfort embodied in the tranquil blend of apple and chamomile. 

​Ideal for night meditation as you prepare for a good rest and recall all the day’s blessings with gratitude. 

EDT Discovery Set

EDT Discovery Set


EDT Discovery Set

A great way to begin your fragrance journey.

Featuring a selection of artisan fragrances in 10mL roller bottle convenient for travel or everyday carrying.

Choose among our Eau de Toilette collections .

​Our Discovery Set also allows you to build your scent wardrobe by curating scents that you can layer to create your on blend.

Explore some combination suggestions in the photo section of this page